• Shangri-La
    Siddhartha Corsus · Shangri-La I’m very happy to share my new album, Shangri-La. Shangri-La is an instrumental album which combines elements of world music — percussion from around the world and Chinese string instruments — with ambient and atmospheric keys and beats. Without words, it tells story of a quest for a mythical realm, which … Continue reading Shangri-La
  • Fragments of Light
    Fragments of Light was conceived of as a collection of song sketches, fragments rather than fully formed pieces, and this lightness was a refreshing approach to the creative process. Some of these songs are now evolving into more fleshed out pieces with vocals and a proper song structure. This album is largely woven out of … Continue reading Fragments of Light
  • The Truth Within
    Don’t worry about saving these songs! And if one of our instruments breaks, it doesn’t matter. We have fallen into the place where everything is music. The strumming and the flute notes rise into the atmosphere, and even if the whole world’s harp should burn up, there will still be hidden instruments playing. So the … Continue reading The Truth Within
  • Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak
    Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak was conceived as a fundraising album for the Hidden Peak teahouse in Santa Cruz, California. That beautiful little haven of peace is where I fell in love with tea and met my future wife back in 2013. When some members of the Santa Cruz tea community decided to … Continue reading Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak
  • Rasa Lila
    Rasa Lila was actually inspired by the beautiful album artwork by my dear friend, Sky. The rasa lila is the dance of ecstatic love between Krishna and his gopis. Just as Krishna knows the inner heart of each of his devotees, so too life is dancing with each one of us, and giving us not … Continue reading Rasa Lila
  • Rainbow Bridge
    Rainbow Bridge is an album that emerged on the heels of a meditation retreat, and carries a meditative feeling joined with a joyful, uplifting and at times blissful mood. The rainbow bridge is a beautiful image and metaphor with a few connotations — on the one hand it is the bridge which is shown in … Continue reading Rainbow Bridge
  • Constellations
    This is a bit of a nostalgic album, as each song on this album is actually dedicated to / inspired by an old friendship. At the same time, all of the songs are in 3/4 time as the rhythms are based on the hexagrams of the I Ching and Gene Keys. There is therefore a … Continue reading Constellations
  • Life, the Journey of Remembering
    Life, the Journey of Remembering is a very bubbly album of playful electronica, inspired in part by the endlessly repeating patterns of DNA, the minimalism of Steve Reich, and the archetypal patterns described in the Gene Keys. All of the songs on Life, the Journey of Remembering are available for use in non-commercial projects and … Continue reading Life, the Journey of Remembering
  • Freedom
    Freedom is one of my earlier albums, and is quite meandering and meditative in mood. A few of the songs are based on haikus, and ‘Magic of Bamboo’ is woven from the modulated sound of the shakuhachi flute. All of the songs on Freedom are available for use in non-commercial projects and can be downloaded … Continue reading Freedom
  • 7 Verses
    7 Verses is an autumnal album, woven mostly out of samples from around the world, these songs came together over many cups of tea out of a simple delight in musical exploration. All of the songs on 7 Verses are available for use in non-commercial projects and can be downloaded from the SoundCloud embed above. … Continue reading 7 Verses