Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak

Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak was conceived as a fundraising album for the Hidden Peak teahouse in Santa Cruz, California. That beautiful little haven of peace is where I fell in love with tea and met my future wife back in 2013.

Hidden Peak Teahouse and owner, David Wright

When some members of the Santa Cruz tea community decided to have a fundraiser to help the teahouse, which functions as a community and spiritual hub, stay afloat, I was inspired to write these songs and donate any proceeds from the album to the teahouse. While it was only a modest contribution, this album continues to be dedicated to the teahouse and these songs have found their way into many creative projects and YouTube videos.

The title, Mystic Gate, conjures up all those people, places, and events which have the power and timing to elevate our consciousness to a higher level, opening up not just new experiences for us, but new ways of being and experiencing life, ourselves and others.

If I could have a highest wish for this album, it would be that it could be your Mystic Gate back into your own innermost being.

With love,


All of the songs on Mystic Gate: Songs for the Hidden Peak are available for use in non-commercial projects and can be downloaded from the SoundCloud embed above. For any commercial use, please visit my page on commercial licensing.

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