Commercial Licensing

Thanks for your interest in acquiring a commercial license for my music.

I offer commercial licenses for all my songs on a sliding-scale basis depending on the scope and budget of the project you are working on.

Type of ProjectCost
Non-commercial project Free (no license required, but please provide attribution)
YouTube video (remove copyright claim)5€ / song
Indie film or similar project (low budget promotional video, documentary, video games – rule of thumb, anything with budget of less than $10k or an audience of less than 5k people)50€ / song
Full commercial license for film or TV (professional documentaries, advertisements, films, etc)250€ / song

I am also available to produce custom songs for your project, prices start at 100€ for independent projects or 500€ for commercial projects.

You can apply for a license or contact me about creating an original song by filling out the form below. All song licenses include a contract agreement, commercial invoice, and a high quality WAV recording of the song (upon request).

If you have any other questions, I’m happy to hear from you. Please send a message here.