Rasa Lila

Rasa Lila was actually inspired by the beautiful album artwork by my dear friend, Sky. The rasa lila is the dance of ecstatic love between Krishna and his gopis. Just as Krishna knows the inner heart of each of his devotees, so too life is dancing with each one of us, and giving us not just the experiences we will enjoy and appreciate, but the experiences which we need to grow in wisdom and in deeper communion with the source of life itself.

Each of these songs was actually inspired by a different dear friend in my life, and somehow I feel they are very present in this album as well.

It is also an album of love for the culture and people of India. May the spiritual wealth of India continue to expand, deepen, and enrich the lives of people all over the world.

Thank you and may you be blessed.

All of the songs on Rasa Lila are available for use in non-commercial projects and can be downloaded from the SoundCloud embed above. For any commercial use, please visit my page on commercial licensing.

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