Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is an album that emerged on the heels of a meditation retreat, and carries a meditative feeling joined with a joyful, uplifting and at times blissful mood.

The rainbow bridge is a beautiful image and metaphor with a few connotations — on the one hand it is the bridge which is shown in Buddhist thangkas (religious art) leading the disciples of the Buddha off the wheel of Samsara, into Nirvana. It is also the bridge which pets take to get to Heaven. On top of that, it is a popular ‘map’ in the Mario Kart racing video game. This, I feel, sums up the album pretty well — meditative, playful, with electronic vibes reminiscent of old-school video games.

I had a lot of fun making it, and hope you enjoy!

All of the songs on Rainbow Bridge are available for use in non-commercial projects and can be downloaded from the SoundCloud embed above. For any commercial use, please visit my page on commercial licensing.

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